NiteBrite Competitive Analysis

Ineffective Technologies used to restore headlight lenses that are currently on the market, is what prompted the creation of NITEBRITE.  Most competitors have a very short life and typically require a number of steps to complete the process.  Other headlight restoration products last from a few months to one year or more due to failed technology.  NITEBRITE was engineered with the most advanced UV-A absorbers available and drying agents for fast evacuation of solvents, giving the cleanest and hardest permanent coating available.  NITEBRITE is a simple “spray-on” application process that is user friendly and long lasting allowing for the industries only LIFETIME WARRANTY.

Ultraviolet (UV) or radiation cured coatings are one of the fastest growing segments in the coatings industry.  The major advantages include a fast curing speed, and extremely long sustained wear characteristics.  NITEBRITE utilizes this concept and technology.

NITEBRITE provides a very low risk of product failure by the service provider, and gives you confidence and knowledge that you will have 100% customer satisfaction.  Most competitors have short term solutions that do not last.  NITEBRITE will last!

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Part Numbers:

Single Kit – VG-410
One UV Clear Can  – VG-411
Case of 12 Cans  – VG-412
UV Curing Light – VG-413