ProGard Truck & Trailer Wash

When it comes to your truck fleet, salt kills.  If you could just store your fleet during the winter months, you’d feel a lot better.  But you can’t.  You run year-round.

ValuGard has the answer.  It’s a new truck & trailer wash… called ProGard Truck & Trailer Wash… that’s specifically designed for your type of business: heavy-duty fleet vehicles.

More than just a truck wash, ProGard Truck & Trailer Wash features a blend of detergents specially formulated to attack the film left after exposure to magnesium chloride, traditional de-icing chemicals and common dirt.  ProGard is perfect for the heavy-duty industry because, once it’s rinsed off, it leaves the vehicle’s surface charged to repel dirt after washing – so your fleet continues to be protected long after it leaves home base and hits the highway.

Designed to be used at varying concentrations, ProGard Truck & Trailer Wash effectively removes bugs, tar, asphalt and helps brighten aluminum without etching.  Made from the highest quality raw materials and 100% employee safe, ProGard Truck & Trailer Wash is easy to use and can be applied using a brush or available pressure spray equipment.

For more on how ProGard Truck & Trailer Wash can help protect your fleet, call 800.543.7156  *  513.489.7883.